La garantie sur des articles personnalisés

For the printing / embroidering of the items offered on our website, we use as far as possible the original products of the brands as they are delivered to us by the official brand suppliers.
To be able to offer you an optimum quality of the printed / embroidered logos, most of the items on our websites will be customized directly through these brand product suppliers (this will be mentioned in the description of every individual item on de website).

In regard to the quality of these products, you will therefore receive the standard factory warranty of the brand on the product as well as on the customizing of these products.

For all other items, that will be customized by a third party, the official factory warranty on the product itself will expire as soon as they are being customized, as they will then no longer be in their original state. This third party will however be obliged to give a normal warranty on the quality of the customizing.

Complaints with regard to items delivered to you, should be mentioned to Marcs Golfshop in writing within two days of reception of these goods.

When your complaint is recognized and accepted by Marcs Golfshop, Marcs Golfshop will be obliged to, at his own choice, take back the delivered items and reimburse any already paid sums or replace or repair the delivered items.

Smaller, in commerce, accepted differences in colour, position and size of the logo will not be treated as a complaint.

As Marcs Golfshop, in most cases, acts as an intermediary, all warranty is limited to the original warranty given by the manufacturer of the product.
Marcs Golfshop can not be held responsible in case a manufacturer can not fulfil his obligations regarding the warranty of the products, for example in case of a bankruptcy.

In case you have any questions or remarks in regard to this warranty policy, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by telephone during office hours at +32 (0)50 344 617.

Kind regards,

Marc Loeffen
Marcs Golfshop