Vos coordonnées personnelles chez Marc's Golfshop

Your personal data with Marcs Golfshop
We value the trust you have in Marcs Golfshop and all personal data you will send us will be treated with the upmost care and confidentiality.
Whenever you decide to request a quotation or pass an order on one of our websites, we will ask you some personal data in order to be able to treat this request or order:

in case of a quotation request:

  • your first- and last name.
  • a telephone number where we can reach you in case of any problems.
  • your e-mail address where we can send the quotation.

in case of an order
Together with the information above, we will also need:

  • a delivery address where we have to ship the ordered products.
  • in case you want an invoice for your company: details of this company and VAT number.

Database Marcs Golfshop
All personal information you give us will be stored in a protected database. You have the right to verify or change your data in our database; just send us a written statement and we will automatically comply with your request.
Your personal data will, under no condition, be put at the disposal of or be sold to a third party, unless necessary for the correct treatment of your request or order.
After full termination of your request or order, including full payment of any invoices, your data will be deleted at your simple request in writing.

The payment of customized products ordered through our website will not pass through our website, so we will never ask you for any financial data.
. The payment of all invoices is done by a normal bank transfer you will pass yourself at your own bank or through your own personal (secure) online banking program, after you have received our invoice.

Marcs Golfshop uses 'cookies', which are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. They allow us to offer you a better service, but our cookies do not contain any personal information. Most browsers automatically accept cookies and you can always set yours to prevent that or delete cookies on your computer yourself.

Your permission
Marcs Golfshop collects personal data, only with the permission of the person involved. By filling out an quotation request or order form on the website of Marcs Golfshop and sending it, or by sending us an e-mail, the person involved gives permission to Marcs Golfshop to use his / her personal data for market research and internal statistic purposes. Your personal data will, under no condition, be put at the disposal of or be sold to a third party.

By using the website of Marcs Golfshop, and sending us your personal data, you agree with the privacy policy of Marcs Golfshop and except it.

In case you have any more questions or remarks regarding our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us per e-mail on info@marcs-golfshop.be or by telephone during office hours at +32 (0)50 344 617.

With kind regards,

Marc Loeffen
Marcs Golfshop